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Often when my son goes outside to exersise in PE his hands get suddenly red, and large (several connected together) white bumbs, that itch. The more he itches them the more he gets, sometimes they will move up his arm. If he forces himself not to scratch them, they eventually go away. Can you tell me what this is? Is there reason to be concerned?


Heyy. How old is your son? Certain conditions could potentially inflict damage only upon children and that is the reason I am asking you. I am concerned about those white bumps because that might be an indicator on iron deficiency in your hands but that is manageable, I think. Have you taken your son to the skin doctor or to another kind of doctor at all? You shouldn't be worried too much, but it is advisable to take your child as soon as possible to the doctor for he will establish a diagnosis and than you will know what to do next.