Five years ago, I gradually burned off about 25 lb of body fat. Unexpectedly, as my weight dropped I started having problems with joint pain. My unscientific sense tells me that the problem had more to do with the connective tissue than bones, but I can't be sure of that. Anyway, because the discomfort was most noticeable while weight lifting, I backed off on the weights, which helped for a while, but as I continued to lose weight the problem eventually came back even with lighter weights. Since that time, nature has taken its course -- the fat is back and coincidentally the joint pain has gone away, even while lifting weights. Is there any reason why weight-loss dieting would make one more prone to joint problems like this? I can see how dieting could lead to a loss of muscle mass, but I don't see how connective tissue would be affected. The weight loss was gradual (over 18 months), with a nutritious, no-gimmick diet.


early 40's and exercises regularly