I will say right out in the beginning that I am a Juice Plus distributor, but I am only commenting because of all the things I read on this site.

I don't think anyone could discredit the benefits that Juice Plus have had on so many people. The fact is that it makes most people feel great right away and some will feel nothing or feel worse after taking it, for a few possible reasons.

O Magazine did an article a few years ago on supplements and listed top six or ten safe supplements that actually were proven to contain what the maker claims. Juice Plus was listed and that is were it lies with me and so many others. The product contains what it says and some people want to spend their money on it (however over priced some claim it is) and some don't.

Anytime something is successful we are going to see negative comments, our job as the consumer is to educate ourselves and make the decision for ourselves where we want to spend our money.