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First off I apologise for sending this twice. I didn't know I had to be a member to send it, and just invented a username; confused2008. Then I realised there is a user with this name already, so I created VeryConfused2008.

So confused2008 really will be confused if you reply to him/her about this.

I would be really grateful if you could help me with this one. I went to a plastic surgeon for another procedure recently and mentioned that I was thinking about having my labia minora reduced as they protrude and I am self-conscious of them.

I was surprised when he said he didn't need to examine me then, and that I could just book the procedure and he would examine me on the day directly before going ahead with it. Do you think this is appropriate?

I am living in Japan and the surgery and surgeon appear legitimate although I don't know how to do a background check.

Thanks very much.


Any surgeon that is not examining you before surgery (before you booking it) would cause me to raise a red flag.  What if he is not able to help?  How does he know he can even perform labia reduction?  What if your labia are actually not large enough for him to reduce or he doesn't offer the technique most suitable for you.  

Just seems odd.  Good thing your intuition told you something was not right.  

Hope this helps!


I had this operation in San Clemente (USA) years ago and am very happy with the results but I certainly met with the surgeon first and he examined me. I would not have let a doctor do it without meeting him or her first and checking him out big time.

My recommendation would be Dr John Disaia but he might be too far for you.


Good luck