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Hi there. I'm asking this question becUse I've always been self conscious with my labia minira. The inner lips are large and hang and protrude a lot. I always knew they were big but thought nothing of it until my current boyfriend pointed it out. He told me I needed to get labiaplasty and that I was loose and had a mess of skin. It's broke my self esteem to say the least. He said he would never go down on me and never does. It makes me feel ugly and disgusting. The probably hang a little over a inch? What do you guys think of larger labia? Would it bother you? Do you prefer smaller inner lips? Is sex any different with small versus large? I havnt been with that many guys and had a long term boyfriend who didn't seem to mind them. Is this new guy right? Or has he not seen many. He's 29 and I feel he knows what's he's talking about. I'm 24. Thank you for commenting!


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There is nothing wrong with you except that you OKed the wrong guy. Tell him he needs a penisectomy