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After 10 yrs of being unhappy :-( /embarrassed :$ /uncomfortable %-) (you name it...) with my labia, I finally plucked up the courage to visit my GP this morning. She will be referring me for surgery. I am so pleased and feel so much happier already. My GP explained that I will be contacted to arrange the surgery. As this is something I have been researching for about a year I am fully aware of the risk etc and this is not a procedure I want to take for cosmetic reasons. I suffer constant discomfort and pain, especially during exercise and sex. I would like to know if there is anyone who could recommend a Gynecological Surgeon in London who could perform this procedure well. I would like someone who has performed this surgery many times and know exactly what they are doing. I have read the horror stories. I have found this site really useful and will definitely be updating you with my progress.

So if anyone has had this surgery in London and could recommend a surgeon I would REALLY appreciate it.

Many thanks x x


I just wanted to point out to you that there is a massive labiaplasty thread here in this very forum if you were interested in it. I've posted on there before with a few questions if you were interested--just take a look. You can do a search for labiaplasty if you get lost, okay? Let me know how it goes for you.