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I would be really grateful if you could help me with this one. I went to a plastic surgeon for another procedure recently and mentioned that I was thinking about having my labia minora reduced as they protrude and I am self-conscious of them.

I was surprised when he said he didn't need to examine me then, and that I could just book the procedure and he would examine me on the day directly before going ahead with it. Do you think this is appropriate?

I am living in Japan and the surgery and surgeon appear legitimate although I don't know how to do a background check.

Thanks very much.


This is inappropriate to me. Any thing that requires anesthesia, even general for that matter, should be looked at before hand. That would be like me going to the Dentist and asking him pull out 2 perfectly good teeth without an exam, and worse yet, he would have.
I know many girls are very aware of their female genitalia, and if any thing looks the slightest bit out of line, they want to have it fixed.
But if you have this procedure, sight unseen, and it somehow gets messed up, your stuck with something worse than before you had the procedure.
You can check these Drs. out thru the American Medical Association. Make sure they are board certified and ask for references. Ask how many of these procedures has he done and the outcome. Many surgeons show potential clients their portfolio, the before and afters, but these could also be manupulated to get your business.
I would not go any farther with this particular Dr. until you find out some answers to your questions first.
Before people have any elective surgery, they always, always, always check credentials. The out come could be terrible.


Good point bbfeet9.  Always important to see if you are even a good candidate for the procedure first.  How can this doc suggest he can help without even seeing what you are dealing with.  

Best to do your research, explain your concerns, see pics of his real patients (that had the surgery), ask to talk to one of their patients, etc.  

OR just find another doc!

Good luck.  :)