To cut a long story short 8 months ago I was fit and healthy and life was perfect. I had a bit of a flu or something and continued going to the gym.

Had been doing chest exercises and cardio, few days later I kept getting pains in my chest (right near heart), basically thought I was having a heart attack and because of this had a panic attack and ended up going to doctors. 


Had all tests done more than once (ECG's, holter monitor etc) heart all good.

However, for the last 8 months since this day I have been experiencing these symptoms on a daily basis;




Lack of concentration




I was tested for hypoglycaemia, since the symptoms were there. Did a month of blood sugar testing and apparently all fine.


I have seen at least 3 doctors, had an MRI of my brain due to constant headaches etc..


Its starting to get to me now that it's been 8 months, life is good, work, exercising etc.. but these symptoms are affecting me daily..


Anyone got any advice? Is there something else I should ask a doctor to test for? Is this just a coincidence it all started after that panic attack 8 months ago?


Thanks in advance