Me and my Guy are friends for over 4yrs and in relationship past 2 years. We are the same age. He has shifted to my country for work and for being together. He has problems ever since we started ,about my friends. I left everyone for him right from my childhood friends. and since i shifted to this new country i have hardly any one to talk. He says he loses his"importance" when i have other friends. also if i look around he says I'm stalking at guys. When I'm not. Only my heart knows it. He feels i should just look at him and talk. If i don't text him for 2 mins he says i was busy being with someone else. I have to explain it ti him that I'm working and not enjoying in my office.He expects me to be with him on holidays when i feel i should give my family some time. I always meet him after work for coffy or something.He checks my mobile and gets angry if i talk to any male friend. While i just keep in touch with my friends from home country. He needs proof that i don't start the conversation but my friends.I don't want to leave him because i love him. But he never understands me. He never is on my side. he will always scold me first and then in a rude way tells me that what i do is wrong. If i say i feel a man is staring at me, he will say its my fault. Never does he say i look good. Even on the new years eve i spent quality time getting dressed up for a party he didn't say a word.i feel i'm not his kind.Yes, I'm over weight but not that much. I feel since he has come to this place he has changed.Every evening as the sun sets we fight. I fight because he puts wrong blames on me and he fights to just prove him right. I tell its not my fault he will say" OK OK You just want to be right,." while m crying inside please understand. Nothing happens. I call him back all the time even if its my mistake. He too calls up. But doesn't ask what happened what went wrong he calls up so that we can forget and move on again together. But its all in me. The wrong accuses, the misunderstanding, the lowness he makes me feel.

i fear its time to let go. I can't give up on this relation because i have fought with my parents and everyone but i feel its just two years down the line and i have gone through too much.

PLease help...I'm losing my mind. My Mom expects me to get married as I have done my masters and its time to marry while he says 4 years is the minimum we have to wait till he gathers some wealth and stuff.