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Hello, Im 35, 6.3 and weight 282lbs, I have a bit of physique on my upper body from doing weight lifting, and I want to go down some pounds. I cannot seem to get rid of the fat on my stomach/belly area adn have been following diets.. but still nothing. I was told by an acquaintance of mine about a fat removal procedure that involves laser. His wife did it and went down a noticeable amount of sizes and I am really intrigued about it. The thing is that I did some research and I see good things about zerona laser but I am not sure of how reliable it is, and I am not close with the one friend to go and ask his wife about it... guess more that anything I am just nervous because they mainly tell you to come in and do a clinical review. I would like to know what the experience is like if anyone has heard or experienced it personally, and your take on it. Do you think is safe? 

Pls and thank you?



My friend actually has had treatments with zerona and is still attending to them, and I have to say she has lost the weight. I think she lost 5-6 pounds the first treatment. The thing is that everyone's cells are different. I did some research of my own and also asked her and have talked to her about it, and what I found out is that the laser penetrates into your fat cells, causing them to open and empty out its fat materials, which later being secreted out of the body. The fat cells lose their volume and shrink causing the body to reduce its size. The lipolaser emulsifies fat and causes the cell membrane to become temporarily porous. The fat leaks out of the cells and into the interstitial spaces between the cells where it's passed out of the body via normal channels including the lymphatic system and the digestive system. You can probably call the location closest to you and set up an appointment or simply ask for more information, Im sure they'll provide you with some. If not my friend told me you could fill out the form online, you'll have to remove the spaces since this site is picky about posting sites, if youre in the states=> zerona canada (dot) ca (slash) medical ; or if youre in candada=> zerona businessopportunity (dot) com ; get some kind of rates and more info if youre not too sure, I have seen my friend looking healthier and slimmer.

Another thing you need to concider is talking to a dietitian, sometimes diets arent for everyone since everyone is different. Hope this answered your question or if at all gave you some information.

Gos bless my friend.