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After I gave birth to my second daughter no matter how much I made sure I eat as healthy as I can and do some exercises when I had some time off, my belly fat just won’t come off. It’s really noticeable since I’m relatively skinny otherwise, but when I looked into options for removing the fat from specific body areas, it seems that most people go for liposuction.

However, in one article I read there was a lot of info about Zerona laser fat removal, but given it’s cost - up to $2000, I’m wondering is there anyone on here who tried this treatment and what results did you get?



a good friend of mine went through Zerona laser fat removal treatment - she had it done both on her thighs and her belly and overall, she did get visible results. But she admits to this herself, what played the major part in getting these results was the fact that as a part of Zerona treatment she also started to drink a lot more water than usually (8-10 glasses) and to exercise for half an hour every day. Of course, all this with eating relatively low calorie diet.

At least from her experience it seems that the whole treatment can get you the results, but I don't think just laser alone can.