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     Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by. I have losing between 150-300 hairs daily for about a month now. Over the past 2 weeks I would say more like 200-300. I have been doing a lot of reading and it seems possible that I have telogen effluvium. When I started noticing the excessive hair loss on my pillow and in the shower, it was about 2 1/2 months after I caught bronchitis. I was sick for about a month from around May 25 to the end of June. I had chronic bronchitis, and got very little sleep, I also lost 12 lbs during this time. The bronchitis caused a case of pleurisy, when my lungs filled with fluid and inhaling would be very painful, I was even coughing up blood because my throat was so damaged. So I was stressed psiologically and psychologically. Anyway long story slightly shorter, this was the sickest I had ever been in my life. So a little after mid-august maybe between the 10-20th is when I started noticing I was losing probably over a 100 hairs each time I would shower, and it's been that way since usually fluctuating more less between 60-140 hairs, just in the shower. When I wake up I'll usually count between 30-90 hairs on my pillow. Throughout the day I can tug at parts of my hair an lose several. So this leads me to conclude that I am loosing between 200-300 hairs daily for nearing a month now....I have always had very thick hair, so it isn't very noticible yet. I wonder how much longer I can shed this much hair and not show it. The excessive hair loss is now causing me MUCH stress and anxiety, and I'm sure that isn't helping at all. I eat quite a healthy diet, I go to the gym 3 times a week, so I'm pretty sure I'm getting enough protein. I'm starting to take bee pollen and saw palmetto along with biotin, hoping this will help. My hair looks quite healthy, but so much is shedding. Also I have a history of MPB in my family on my dad's side. My granddad is 89 with nearly no hair, my dad is 65 with the typical male pattern balding, but very thick hair on the sides. Neither of them live very healthy lifestyles. I am only 18, and as far as I know Male Pattern Balding isn't associated with any excessive shedding, right? The follicles just because smaller over time?...I'm thinking about ordering Nizoral shampoo, and starting Rogaine foam. I'll go to the doctor for Propecia only as a last resort. The hairs that I lose for the most part, around 95 percent seem to be telogen phase hairs. They have the small white bulb on the tip. Most of the hairs seem to be thick and healthy, there are some smaller thinner hairs that I find from time to time, but telogen phase as well....Could this be telogen effluvium? If someone can help me, or just give me your thoughts, or advice, I would greatly greatly appreciate it. Thanks for reading.


Your hair loss could be related to something temporary. Same thing happened to me this summer, every time I washed my hair I would notice significant amount of hair in the bathtub and I would really freak out. I too, was wondering how many times I can shed my hair without other people noticing. So I got this shampoo and ever since I started using it, it stopped falling out. Nevertheless, I just think that your problem might be related to natural way of things, you might be losing hair because of the summer. Its natural way, new hair pushed the old one out and so on.

Anyhow, I suggest you get some shampoo and try it, try the expensive stuff its really good. And do not worry much about it, stress can cause baldness too.