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My hair is curly and thick, and I've generally given up trying to style it or even comb it. But for a while now I've wondered if I'm starting to lose it. Often after showering I'll find a large amount of hair collected at the drain, as well as a lot that comes out when I towel it off. I have about 4" of forehead between my eyebrows and my hairline, and it doesn't LOOK bad, but I'm just wondering if I should be worried about how much hair I sometimes find. I don't have any medical conditions, use no products other than shampoo and conditioner, and I'm not on any medication.

Probably the one thing that really gets me wondering about this is that I have this mole on the side of my forehead just at the hairline. Looking back to elementary school days I can remember parting my hair and and combing through it and finding the mole a ways back into it. Now the mole is right on the hairline. Is this natural, or is it some sign that I'm slowly losing it?


I have some friends who had success with Rogaine. I'm pretty sure you can buy it over the counter now.

Do you wear hats? I've read that the heat and friction caused by wearing hats can make you lose hair faster.