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I’m 35 years old man and recently I started noticing that my hair is thinning out more and more, especially at the top of my head. Since my dad started getting bold at about the same age, I’m thinking the same thing is starting to happen to me.

That’s why I’m thinking about buying Nioxin shampoo, conditioner and intensive care, but if anyone on here has experience with Nioxin, could you tell me how long it takes to see the results, and is Nioxin effective treatment for balding?



as far as I know, Nioxin products like shampoo and conditioner are only advertised and sold as product for making your hair look fuller and healthier, but they don't really help you to regrow lost hair. They can help in preventing future hair loss, if you use them more or less all the time, but so far only two FDA approved products for preventing and treating balding are Propecia and Minoxidil.

Nioxin will help your hair look thicker, but it takes continuous use over few months, but there still might be a chance that you continue losing hair, if you have the genes.