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Yesterday I went to the hair dresser (a new one) and she said my hair is falling out and I should try such-and-such a product. I'm not sure if she was trying to sell me something or if she's right. I told her that I always seem to lose a lot but I thought it was normal for me. I don't pull out handfulls of anything, but the back of my sweaters are usually covered with hairs that my colleagues pick off my back most days. hard to judge, maybe 10-20ish hairs (?) at a time.

When i shower i do have a little collection, but not more than that 20ish i'd say. And it has always been this way for me that I remember. However, she said it is in fact more than normal and when she washed my hair she showed me the little collection of hair on her hands (an admittedly alarming amount). My hair's quite dry and I hadn't washed it in a few days, but she said that wouldn't make such the difference.

I don't know how much I'm losing as I can't quite judge whether it's 50-100 or more....and feel a bit paranoid now. (I'm a 30 year old woman.) Is there any little "self test" to give me a better idea how much I am losing?



This is completely natural that the hairs are falling out, you just need to comb it regularly so that the hairs go out, the new hairs are growing at the same time and there is no need to worry about losing your hair.
I also have similar problems and that is not alarming if there are about 10 hairs you pick up every time you comb your hair, I also asked my hairdresser about that, if this is normal to comb out some hairs every time, and she explained that this is completely natural and I shouldn’t be alarmed by the amount of hairs my comb picks up. She also told me that I should change the shampoo brand occasionally, I didn’t really asked her why but she told me so and I followed her advice and I can say that my hair is doing much better since then, it just sounds totally silly to change the shampoo brand but it worked for me, you try this recipe and would like to hear your opinion afterwards, I hope it will have some effect.