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Hi I'm 14 and now im losing lots of hair. I am having alopecia areata at the side of my head. Does the disease have any effects on my whole head? Because every time i went to bathe and like 20-30 strands of hair coming out on my head.Im scared im gonna be bald.Please help me thanks


Hello Guest... it is really hard to say how much hair you may lose.  There is a possibility of your hair growing back or that the loss can come to a standstill.  It is also possible it may continue.  Does any of your relatives have this occur to them?  If so, you can see what type of trend in hair loss they experienced.  There are many treatments you and your doctor can explore to try and stop the alopecia and help encourage hair growth again.  I hope your alopecia clears up for you and soon.

Forum readers:  Have you had alopecia at a young age?  Did it clear up for you or did you have continuing hair loss?