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Im 16 and when I masturbate its almost like I cant get it up I want to but just cant get off


Hey Jason
Just a few questions, is this an 'every time' occurrence, or only sometimes.  And while this is happening, do you get it up and lose it, or you just cannot get it up at all?
One final question, how long ago did you notice you were going through puberty?


Well idk sometimes but its like no problem other times it goes down after I start and I just cant finish if I try hard enouph I can get it up I have been going through puberty for about tree years now just started getting chin hair


It could be due to a few things .. weight and diet would probably be the more common cause, along with tiredness and level or arousal. But there can be further underlying issues - being prostate or penile issues.
I know its hard to do, but don't stress about it - this will make it worse.
Are you aroused when you attempt masturbation?
And as for your body and diet, are you over weight? Do you eat and drink relatively healthily?


well Im definitly not over weight have a good diet idk it might be stress I think Im gonna go to hell cause Im catholic


Hi Jason, Im 25 and went through similar feelings. I was brought up a Catholic and learned from a young age that sex and anything to do with sex is wrong.

The only thing wrong was what my parents taught me.

I in fact when on to do a 3 year theology degree and a 2 year masters degree in theology, philosophy and ethics. I specialised in Catholic teachings, families and the morals around human development and let me tell you masturbation is not a sin.

You may be aware that within Christianity there are many denominations (groups) of Christians.

Evangelical Protestants (born again Christians and such forth) are totally against masturbation and any sex outside of marriage.

Liberal Protestants (the Church of England / Anglicans) are not against masturbation and accept that sex occurs outsides of marriage and would encouraged people to be in a long term relationship before having sex with the intention of marriage.

Liberal Catholics agree with masturbation as Catholics are very supportive of science. The only time they do not agree with science is when it concerns the ending of human life (i.e abortion, euthanasia, stem cells from fertilised eggs). Both pope John paul and Pope Benedict see sex as a gift from God. With two main aims

1) As an expression of love for your partner

2) As a means to reproduce.

They wouldn’t agree with the separation of these two issues (thats another long story about contraception and the physical barriers).

Many Catholics havn’t read the Catechism of the Catholic Church (basically a book that explained what Catholics believe about the Bible).

THE only biblical references to masturbation and in the Old Testament which isn’t really that relevant as the Church see this as “specific guidance, for specific groups, in one specific area, at one specific time.

Your problem is physiological not physical. All animals masturbate, enjoy the time you have with yourself, explore your sexual fantasies and indulge them (At least in your mind). Don’t feel guilty at all. Every man in the world masturbates, and they do it often. You do it, your parents will, your friends and teachers will, even your priest will do it.

The bad thing is to abstain, as your body produces lots of chemicals and hormones as you masturbate. This is beneficial to stress relief, development both physically, mentally and spiritually.

You have nothing to worrie about. You just have to decide what you believe. The Catholic Church states that your conscience is the highest authority. You do what feels best and don’t let anyone tell you what to believe, how to believe it or how to live.

If God does exist, im sure on that day of judgement he will look at you and say, well done kid for reflecting on ur life and trying to do the good thing.

I am non religious but happy to discuss stuf in more detail if you need me to.