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Please provide Scripture and only Christians please (Not trying to be rude) and what are we supposed to do when we get those "feelings" God bless


Is masturbation a sin? Believe it or not this is a hot topic and the answer is not an easy one. In fact, there is no clear-cut answer. The truth is that the Bible never makes mention of masturbation itself. Therefore, there really is no precise answer. If you are concerned about the sinfulness of masturbation, the best thing to do is look at both sides of the debate and determine the answer for yourself.

Sex for Procreation God created sex for the purpose of procreation; therefore, masturbation goes against God’s intent for procreation and contradicts the sanctity of marriage. According to the Bible, sex is intended to be pure and holy, an act shared between a husband and wife. Since masturbating is an act of self-stimulation for sexual pleasure, the idea of gifting oneself to their spouse is lost. So it would seem that masturbation goes against God’s idea for sexual design. Many Christians believe that sex is intended only between a married couple and masturbation is not acceptable.A Question of PurityThe Bible states that Christians should be pure in thoughts and deeds, so does masturbation go against that ideal of purity? The argument is that the idea of wanting to be sexually pure and holy should deter Christians from the act of masturbation. Christians are taught to honor God with their bodies being free from sexual immorality and sin and thus to sin sexually is to sin against their own bodies and against God.Lust-Many Christians believe that the true sin at the heart of this matter is lust. It is stated in the bible that Jesus commands us to deny desires of the flesh and that even to look at a woman with lustful intentions is to commit sin. Therefore, the belief is that feelings of lust associated with masturbation make the act sinful. Going along with that theory, the use of pornography and sexual fantasy during the act of masturbation is not holy or pure and can therefore be sinful.

a topic talked about this. christianity and mastubation. personality i dnt think its nothing wrong with

masturbation,if it feels good than you should do it. 



Is masturbation a sin? It is a question that has no simple answer, regardless of what Christian denominations may teach about it. 

Onan was slain for spilling seed in a Levirate marriage, not for masturbation. 

Leviticus 15:16-19 calls masturbation unclean, but lots of things that are not sins are considered unclean, such as menstruation for example. 

Hebrews 13:4 says: "Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge."

What does this mean? It means masturbation is sinful if you use graphic materials (p*rn) during it. 

I could go on. All I want to say is, the Bible is not conclusive that masturbation is a sin, even if certain denominations teach this.