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6 mos. ago

I had been grinding my teeth not intentionally... when I felt a sudden sharp pain in my lower left jaw.

I swallowed my saliva & experienced another pain, it was like something was stuck in my throat & the pain went from dull to sharp as I swallowed. In the back of my neck below my hair line I discovered a lump... It was extremely painful to push on because when I pushed it felt as if I were stabbing something threw my throat... The lump no longer sticks out the back of my neck but I still have occasional pain in my neck. This wasn't a lymph node.. It was hard like a bone. Everytime I opened my mouth my jaw would pop, EVERYTIME. It would occasionally rub/grind, instead of a quick pop. My jaw was extremely sore & it hurt to bite. There was a slight discoloration in my neck on the left side, just below/on my jaw line.Ever since I've been experiencing excruciating headaches, I can't close my eyes but I can't stand the light, at the same time.. 3 years prior to this I had one of my molars extracted & that was about it.. Has anyone else experienced this???


Popping of the jaw sounds like TMJ of the jaw. This is very common and can lead to neck pains and headaches.