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Hey friends.My friend’s dog, Starla, she is beautiful Golden Retriever, gave a birth to three beautiful puppies.

Oh my God, they are really so adorable, I could eat them. They are so, but so cute :)

She is planning to keep them, because she really has this big, big yard, and she is going to keep them.


But, she doesn’t know a few things about visiting the vet, about parvo shots.


Can you tell me some parvo shots for puppies schedule?

Is it different from breed to breed?

I don’t know that much about this issue, so I really want to know what you know.




Lol, this is a big, big commitment. I really want to know how she will be able to take care of so many dogs :)

I suppose that this dog was not a puppy when she bought her, because she doesn’t know some crucial things about parvo shots.It is very important to vaccinate those puppies against parvo, because parvo is attacking them the most!  

Puppies should receive a minimum of THREE vaccines, between 6 and 16 weeks. No more frequently than every three to four weeks, of course, with the final dose at 14 to 16 weeks.

I believe that her vet will tell her the same.. 



Hello friends :)

It is very, but very important to vaccinate your puppy very often, because parvo is disease that can attack your puppies. There are some breeds that can be in danger, but to be honest, a lot of puppies can catch parvo.


So, it is really important to have schedule for vaccination against parvo for your puppy.

I agree with this schedule, but there can be some changes, and that is something that your vet can tell you.

You should know that a newborn puppy is not naturally immune to disease, and that is why they need to be vaccinated very often.

Good luck!



Hello. It is very important to have a schedule for your dog and his parvo shots. Once you learn how this is important, especially for the puppies, because they are really weak and they have really bad immune system when they are young, you will take him to the vet every month. I do know that many vets believe that some breeds, such as Dobermans, should have at least two parvo vaccines with the last one being given at 20 weeks of age. I know that those shoots should be giving in the different intervals. It is very important to make this schedule. Puppies are in danger.