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Hey friends.


My oldest dog is going to be 9 years old one month from now.

I am taking a real care of him and he is really healthy. I didn’t have any problems with him lately.

I vaccinate him all the time, but I know that he is now older dog, and I need to change his schedule of vaccination.


Maybe I should do this before, I am not sure, but I know that my vet didn’t told me this before.

So, maybe now I should do this.


So, I was wondering, can you tell me some dog vaccine schedule for puppies and adult dogs?

Tnx in advance. 




I am a little bit confused, since you told us that you have an older dog, and that you vaccinate him regularly.

So, I think that you should know all about vaccinating the puppies. Or, maybe you didn’t get this dog while he was a puppy :) It doesn’t matter.

Here! Puppies should receive a series of vaccination with a combination vaccinate products that protect against some ugly diseases, such as parvo, hepatitis, etc.  

About the older dogs, your vet has to determine a vaccination schedule for your dog, but it usually depends on the type of vaccine, your dog’s age, medical history, etc. Some can receive a numerous of vaccinations annual, but some dogs can receive vaccination every three years. Maybe longer!



Hey there.

Yes, your question is a little bit confusing, but I guess that you want to make some parallel on dog vaccination schedule for puppies and for adult dogs…

About adult dogs, my friend Carrie has one. He is 11 years old, he is perfectly fine, he is visiting the vet all the time…

Of course, while he was getting older, she was changing his vaccination schedule…

We were talking about this a lot of times.

She told me that she was vaccinating his dog at different way, since he was 7 years old.

Since then, she vaccinated her dog two times only…



Hello. When you want to determine the schedule of vaccination for your dog, you should do it with your vet – always. I did it, when my dog was a puppy and I am not sorry at all. Because, since I respect this schedule, my dog was never seriously sick. First, you should know that your new puppy definitely needs a series of different vaccinations in the first year of life, to prevent some serious disease. Second, your adult dog may not need annual vaccinations and he can have titer tests – those are tests that check a dog’s immunity levels, just to determine which vaccinations your dog exactly needs.



Hey there.

I totally agree with you, Dog Whisperer :) In two, very short sentence, he show you how to treat your puppy and your adult dog :)

Good job, and thank you.

Also, in my previous post, I forgot to add a few things, and I remembered them just today :)

You should vaccinate your puppy when he is 6- 8 month, than 10 to 12 months and 14 to 16 months old.

When your dog is older, you should vaccinate him every 1 to 2 years and every 1 to 3 years.  

That is basically it. Of course, consulting your vet is something that you need to do :)