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I have been Masturbating since 6 years and I seriously want to give up this. This has been affecting my studies and my social life as well. I masturbate when I am really tensed or when I am very tired. I usually get tensed before exams and masturbate to release stress but i end up doing that for more than 5 hrs and end up failing in the exam!
I tried giving up this habit before but haven't succeeded in controlling myself for more than 3 days. Its been 5 years since I had a nocturnal emission! Even tried being religious but that didn't help either. I AM NOT A PORN ADDICT. I rarely watch porn to masturbate. I usually fantasize the girls who i saw on tv and internet.
Even though this hasn't affected my health but it definitely made me a bad student. I even bunk classes to do that.
I have been using Masturbation as an excuse to run away from troubles! Keeping myself busy isn't helping either as I masturbate before going to bed. I am an addict.... I have spend my summer holidays doing nothing but masturbating! Wasted enough time in doing that!
Need professional help... but cant talk to parents about this!



To borrow from another addiction program...

The first step in solving an addiction is admitting you have a problem. You've taken that step.

Now, try to go one day without masturbating, just one day. When you get the urge, do something else and focus on something different like maybe some pushups or other exercise. Make it through that day, then go for the next. One day at a time.

If you "relapse" try again. Don't get frustrated. You can do this, you need to be strong.

Seriously, one day at a time.

Good luck, keep us posted.


Hi there.

I caught my son masturbating as well a couple of days ago. It was weird for me because he is only 9 years old and I don't know for how long he is been doing this.

I know that I didn't start to do that until I was a teen, but it looks like times are changing.

Anyway, I was wondering is there any help or cure for masturbation addiction?

Is it early for him to visit someone who is an expert?

I think that he is having problems with it because I caught him two times in four hours doing this....