Hi everyone,

How many of us are out there that don't know what is going on with our bodies. I'm totally shocked we are in this position and believe me i have worked in the field of sexual health for many years prior to transitioning into menopause. And i thought i was quite knowledgeable. I became painfully aware that i knew very little . But am happy i found this site and see that im not alone. But it makes me wonder why this information is not readily available to all women around 30 and over.

Brief history.

I am 46 have 3 kids 28 Aron who passed away / 19/ and 5 and my 5 year old was conceived after 6 IVF attempts and TL reversal, I broke with my partner soon after my baby was born and then my 28 year old son died in 2007 when he was 25. So in 2009 i went to Bangkok to live and work with AIDS orphan's, and i met my new partner, we are waiting for him to migrate here and we are getting married this year.

I didn't believe i was at risk of pregnancy because i had no period for six months, i visit him every 2 months for 2 weeks, so if i am prego it happened March / April 8 weeks ago. When i got back after a week i had a 3 day period and was excited at the though of being fertile again, I have morning sickness or nausea all day everyday, i pee a lot and its deep in color, i have headaches and don't eat right, im sexually frustrated like mad and feel weak and tired or over energetic, my emotions are dulled and my belly is bloated, but my boobs don't ache at all and im not sure if this has anything to do with the implants i have. I have taken 2 home tests but both were neg, but i still feel i am.

I so would love for this to be real, and pray its true, wish me luck
Dawn 8-|