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Dear. Friends

My friend confessed to me today, that this month is her second missing her period (so she miss her period twice in a roll). So far she has no sign or symptoms of being pregnant. So, far she took we took 3 difference pregnancy test


saturday night at 11pm. she took some test and she got positive and 1 negative.
sunday early morning 6am Electronic first response are negative. 1 got error, and 1 didnt work
sunday after noon 12pm. First response, three test they were all negative.

what should i do?.


ok i am a bit confussed at first you said your friend and now you are asking what should you do????

my advise is that the person who is taking the tests uses her first morning rush to the toilet urine ( collect in a cup) and retest her urine and see what she gets and then she should be making her way to the doctor after that and asking for a blood tests for pregnancy cause if the tests are taken wrong you will get a negative ... it is rear for people to get False negatives but not false positives as you the person has already had a positive i would say that this is correct ... most of the test that are done have to be in urine for an x amount of time b4 they pick up the hormone and some are midstream ... so you /her needs to take the test correctly as per the instructions