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i've had this ugly looking mole on my forehead since i remember. I notice people stare at it often but dont say anything and it gets me really uncomfortable. Lately i was thinking on removing it but i am scared of surgery and i am scared there will be a huge scar on my face. Does anyone know if mole removal leaves big scares.

Should i remove it if it affects my personal life? What are the dangers?


Hey jeniffer,
I know what it's like to have a mole on your face, I had mine cut out about 10years ago, but mine was a clear bump that appeared quickly just along the lower part o my right jaw line. The skin specialist told me it was a "beauty spot" but will have it removed just in case, turns out it was malignant and would have grown to the size of a football!, so I had it re cut out to make sure they got it all the first time, and they did. So my scar was about 1.5cm long and was red for probably a year, but has faded now to the color of my skin, but kinda looks like a stretch mark. I would suggest in going to a plastic surgeon if concerned about facial scares. I also had five dark moles cut out from my back, and over the 10years as my body grew, the skin is numb in some areas to the size of a 5c peice, scar tissue. My face doesn't seem to feel numb, but I may have gotten used to the feeling now. :) hope this helps, and I'm sure today's practice is minimal when it comes to scares.