Hi im a 5'5 124 pounds girl im only 12. im trying to lose weight but i have been loseing weight its just there more to my story. i have a lot of stomach problems and i have actually had surgery beacuse my gall bladder went bad (only 10% of it was working). ive been loseing weight but there a bit more. i have to take mira lax everyday to go have a bowl movement. and i have to take other pills to make my pains in my stomach go away where the gall bladder was before. so im trying to lose weight but my medical problems are keeping me loseing weight. is there anyone here have the same problem as i do? beacuse if you do tell me on how you lost weight but remember im very active and i like to go outside than sit behind a computer and i love to play on just dance and just dance! but is there anything else that can help me lose weight thank you for reading!