So I've had a neuroma in my right foot for almost a year and am definatley developing one in my left foot. I tried cortisone and PT. Its not as bad as it was initially but its becuase I've stopped running and have downgraded the heels I wear. I'm young and refuse to wear ugly flat shoes my whole life (whcih by the way hurt because my feet are totally flat). So, I'm trying to decide whether to do the surgery. Ive started running again and it does seem to be making it flare up again. I want to be able to run and wear somewhat cute shoes ( i have accepted my days of high, high heels are over). Thing is, I'm not in pain alllll day. It comes and goes and is worse inthe morning and after wearing heals continutously (my job doesn't require me to be on my feet all day).
Anyone have the surgery even though you weren't completely crippled? I don't know if I should deal with the pain, or try to fix it with the risk that it will get worse.