I had the Morton's Neuroma surgery in Dec of 2013 on my right foot, 3rd toe.  The surgery itself went well, and I did everything I was told for recovery.  Unfortuanately, it didn't take, as I am still in immense pain, if not worse than b/4 the surgery.  I can only wear orthotic flops.  I can wear orthotic tennis shoes for no more than an hour b/4 my toes start burning.  It hurts to squat, bend down, and even just plain walking.  After an MRI, and yet another cortisone shot, my doctor said that another surgery on the other side of my toe might help, and it is not uncommon for this to happen....my thought is...of course, this happens to ME!...LOL.  I'm going to have the second surgery, only because I'm hoping to get SOME kind of relief!  If this second one doesn't take, then I will be forced to live w/it as is....:(