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My BF and I have a very healthy sex life my problem is when he wants me to go down on him ( which i dont mind doing) sometimes his whole Penis smells like hes been somewhere besides me. this has been a real issue in our relationship and it may make or break whats happens with us.its a mood breaker 4 me as well as him. he tells me the odor on his penis is normal for men to experience ( smegma; i have researched that) he does have a 4skin but the smell is also on his whole shaft not just the penis head. I'm having a real hard time believing what he says because the odor changes and i have never had an issue with any other BF like this one. i dont want to believe it but part of me wonders if hes messing around with other women. ??? please help me understand what might be going on?


Hi xo,

Some "smell" is normal.

A lot depends upon your boyfriends hygiene.  He needs to clean the smegma daily for one.  The foreskin itself may be contributing to the smell too.  Some guys tend not to clean under the foreskin and after a while, urine can smell.  He may also have a yeast infection.

Hope it helps.