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Hello everyone.

I really need your help. My Hope is being a little bit strange lately. I don’t know why. I am spending a lot of time with her, I am playing with her a lot. Whenever I have a time.


But lately, actually in the past three days, she is very angry at me. She started to bite me and I really think that there is no reason for this behavior.

She is a really good friend with my Boo so I don’t believe that this is the reason, that she is jealous.

Do you have any idea why is she like this?

What to do?


OMG, what has happened? I do know that Hope was really amazing and sweet little cat.

I really hope that you will find some solution fast.

I don’t believe that Boo is the reason.

In this case you really need to understand how your cat is communicating with you. Maybe she is trying to tell you something that you can’t understand?

You should observe does she bites her tail because that is the sign of aggression.


I know that you spend a lot of time with her but try to do it more. Play with her, feed her…If this is not helpful, than you should look for vets help.



Hello. Those are definitely the signs that something is going on with your cat. She can be sick and you might are not able to see any symptoms. Can you answer me to a couple of questions? Have you move her everyday space to some other place? Because this can be the cause. Maybe while you were cleaning your house you moved something and she doesn’t like it. I am wondering does she bites her tail. That is sign that she is nervous. If this is not a case maybe she is sick like Love is pet told you. I know a lot of cases like this one. Cat is sick and she doesn’t show any symptoms. At all. She is just being nervous and she is attacking her owner. That is one way to tell her that something is going on. Something wrong.




Hello everyone.

I am really sorry to hear that, I am really sorry about your Hope. But I have to tell you one thing. Cats can never bite you for no reason. The reason must be there.

Maybe she is sick, mad, and jealous. But something is really wrong.

Maybe you did something and you can’t remember what it was. But you cannot tell me that she is mad with no reason.

Does she urinates too often?

Did you checked her poop lately? Does she have a diarrhea?

Maybe some foods that you are giving to her are not good for her digestive system?

You should check this all…