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Hey there.

Do you remember my story about my little cat? This cute kitty – I adopted her from the shelter. Since then, she is much healthier, but she is being sick very often.

I am spending a lot of time at the vet’s office, because I really want her to be healthy.

We just came back from the vet, and he told me that my cat has inflammatory bowel disease.

I don’t know so much about IBD, and to be honest, I don’t know that much about cats at all, but I am learning.

Did you have any experience with this?Can you tell me some home remedies for cat diagnosed with IBD?

Tnx a lot!



I didn’t know about your story, maybe because I am new at this. But, I really admire you – you gave this cat a home, and that is so nice. Respect :)

I am really sorry that your cat is sick so often.

But, I also believe that, with proper care, she will be just fine.

I think that treatment for cat diagnosed with IBD usually consists of changing diet program.

Dietary allergens are playing a big role in inflammatory bowel disease. A food trial using hypoallergenic diets may be recommended by your vet as well.

This diet consist a lot of protein and carbos, and you should try this one. 



Hello. Those are the most common cause of chronic vomiting and diarrhea as well. The best home remedies is good diet program. Nutrient requirements in cats are always a little bit incomplete, most household cats don’t hunt but sometimes, we feed them with commercial prepared food. Well, if your cat is diagnosed with IBD you should know that you should feed your cat with homemade food with big portions of vegetables and supplements, that have all the necessary nutrients. Good diet program is definitely the best home remedy, and you should always think about this. It is nothing serious. Good luck! 



Hey there.


My friend Carla is sitting next to me. Since we were kids, she had a dog. She never had any other dog but him.

Now, when we are counting, I think that she had nearly 13 cats in her life. And, she is only 32 years old :)

A lot of her cats were diagnosed with IBD. She was struggling with this for a while, and she put her cat Lilly – she was the first, on diet program, that is rich with carbos and proteins.

Also, she started to cook meal for her cats, and she started to feed them with raw meat as well.


It helped her :)

You can try.