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Ok I m a 14 year old boy, and a couple of day s ago I masturbated (for the first time in my life) I din' t really know what to do, since no one though me how to masturbate, and for some reason i just started to peel my foreskin and started to rub my penis and gland, it felt weird. The problem is the next day, my foreskin isn't covering my gland enough, sometimes even when i don t have a boner my gland is still expose a little bit and sometime s after a long while my penis gland would be dry and i din t know what to do cause it burned a little, it wasn't like this.......Help, Did i Do something wrong? is this going to affect my reproductive system? Is this normal


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Hey there first off no I do not believe you hurt your reproductive system :) before this have you ever pulled back your foreskin? It's hard to say because I can't see your penis but I would compleatly retrace your foreskin in the shower and wash your glans gently to rove any built up smegma then see if your foreskin will roll back over your penis and cover your glans like it use to. Remember while it may seem like part of your exposed glans is drying out , people who are circumcised have their glans exposed all the time and do not have any problems