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For the past 2 weeks or so my throat has been hurting. It hurts when I swallow, somtimes I can't even talk it hurts so bad. It's only on one side though. Previous to these two weeks, I've noticed the back of my tongue will hurt at random times but usually it goes away after a few days. This only started to occur back in October after I got mono. I'm curious as to what I might have and I looked around and found similar posts but no answers exactly so I was hoping posting something similar would get a response. Thank you for any answers you can give.



i am experiencing the same pains as you are describing. First time the pain increased so much that my jaw started hurring on the same side. I ran to the dr and they did a Strep culture which was negative.. Yours was the only post I found which had the exact same symptoms I am experiencing. I Feel like maybe there's a canker sore all the way back there because I remember that it felt like something was stuck to that spot a few days ago and maybe a slight canker developed around it? the pain went away and then is back 2 weeks later but ths time I don't remember anything being stuck in the far back of my tongu..