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Hey, I am a 14 year old boy, turning 15 in less than a month and I don't have any armpit hair. I grow hair just above my top lip, I've barely got any arm or leg hair and I've got lots of annoyingly curly pubic hairs yet still no armpit hair or chest hair. I'm starting to get a little worried, is this normal? Should I just wait a bit longer? Is there something wrong? Please answer and best as you can, thanks


Hi Anonymous

There is nothing wrong with you and you’re developing just the way you should be.

Armpit hair and chest hair grow later in puberty all the changes you are going through are normal and as you continue to grow and develop the armpit hair and chest hair will grow.

Everyone grows and develops at different rates and times and for being almost 15 everything is happening the way it should be.

There is nothing wrong with you and you are developing normally and not having armpit or chest hair just means that you have not reached the point in your development where it starts to grow but it will definitely grow soon enough.