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hi! i'm almost on my 6th month of my first pregnancy. the last 2 nights i would wake up with a pain (like something pricked my skin) and after a while it would go. the culprit i discovered lately was a varicose veins starting to form on the posterior part of my left thigh (coloured purple and small). the following days i experience numbness just in the surrounding part where the veins are, not the entire thigh. is this not a cause for alarm? thank you.


Hi there! I had also developed varicose veins during pregnancy. Don’t worry, they are not harmless, only annoying and they will probably go away on their own a few months after delivery but it doesn’t mean that you won’t develop some more during your next pregnancy.

I also had my varicose veins in the legs but my friend had it in her vulva. Talk about annoying!
I know they may itch or burn, even cause your legs to be so heavy at the evenings but then you could elevate your legs on a stool or pillow if you’re lying down. Also, make sure you don’t stand for too long, especially without moving.

If you are overweight, this can even make the situation worse. It would be good if you would make regular walking a habit or even do slight exercises. This should help lower the discomfort that varicose veins make.