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I am a 44 year old mother and grandmother. I have used drugs recreation ally for most of my life starting at age 12. I was prescribe hydrocodone after a really bad car accident 5 years ago. for a long time I only took the prescribed dose. Then it got to the point that that was no longer helping. I began taking roxy which was not prescribed to me and using heroin. I have never had any trouble kicking any drug including meth which I was on for 3 years. I have not done heroin in 3 days and took half a 30mg roxy yesterday. Yesterday I started feeling like sh*t! Cold sweats, restlessness, stomach cramping and I haven't gone to the bathroom in 2 weeks. I am miserable. All I want is more dope so that I can feel better. Some of my friends and my boyfriend know about my drug use but none of my family knows. My boyfriend is the only one who knows  about what I am going through right now. I can't go through this as I have a job that irritates the pain caused by my accident. I don't think that I can work without my meds. I also can't feel like this because I need to function in everyday life, which I have not been able to do for the past 2 days. I need help!


See if you can find a headshop that carries Kratom.  It's a tree from Asia, and the leaves (when crushed into a powder) can be eaten for legitimate relief from the majority of W/D symptoms.  Your mileage may vary, but for me it's been a life saver, and allowed me to function like a semi-normal human when I was going through what you're going through.  Also, get some immodium pills, they contain loperamide which is an opiate that won't get you high (doesn't make it into your brain), but it will help with the diarhhea and also with the feeling of death that you're going through.  My 2 cents...Also, there's a ton of info in these forums, so use them.  

Stay strong.