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I have been taking oxeycode for about two years for back back still hurts all the time but now I am having withdraws from the pills I have been taking and I want to get off them for my health an so I can live for my kids.I really need help cause it makes me want to blow my brains out.what is out there I can take that I can buy over the counter to help with this.please help me


Sorry no one got back to you sooner. Read the thread by myjourney titled "loperamide for opiate CT withdrawals daily journal.


That helped me the most. For the first ime I am close to one month off of this c**p for pain mgmt that had taken over my life for seven straight years.

 I will answer any questions if you choose to use the loperamide and explain how it worked for me.

Good luck. I will check to see how you are doing.



Hello all! I was on here ONE YEAR ago and BEEN CLEAN SINCE!!!! This is like my anniversary more or less.

Does the Immodium thing work? YES!

I tried it 2 times and the second time did it for me. The mental part was the hardest. The feelings of pain meds or sub, I 101% honest just didn't want to feel like that anymore.

The feeling of being CLEAN is X 1,000 is better then any drug out there. I promise you that.

I basically wanted to come back here and read my old posts (es355gibson name) and see what I was thinking back one year ago.

Guys - it breaksdown like this:You are taking XX drug now.. then what? Score more... then what? Score.. Then what. IT CANNOT go on forever. I did pain meds for 10 freggin years and you name it, I did it and with a big supply and no dang money. Also, I have a family and 2 kids, wonderful well paying job, house etc, all the stuff.....But secretly on the side, downing pain meds. Mentally I was just done.

I honestly think that is the biggest hurdle, the mental. The physical will go away with immodium and take less and less each day AFTER 5 days. IT DOES WORK.

Sub on the other hand, I took that junk for 20 days and no way, the fog of that c**p and 'want-want' was WAY to strong after 3 days of not taking it. Strictly against subs 101%

Read back to November of last year, it was hard figuring HOW to do the immodium thing, but works, saved my butt. Clean for right about a year. The REAL feelings of happy / sad etc is way more powerful then a buzz

I was taking at the time of quitting 20-30 Norco 10/325mg and few Roxy 30mg DAILY.

I took them all one day as 'going away party' and before I went to bed, took 20 immodium.

Woke up the next day feeling ok, maybe 80-90% total. Lazy? Yes a bit but not really. Then 10 immdioum 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch dinner) for 5 days. After that, each day, took one away... days went on and ZERO. Felt fine. Little foggy but 3 days later, I was 100% truly free!!!

Guys I am serious, I have been there where you are, 10 years worth. Just the amount of money gone... Screw it. I couldn't do it.

YOU just have to think and think hard, change your mentality of what these pills are, what advantage do you have taking them, what are hurting (your back pocket and possibly family finances) JUST THINK.

Seriously, I thought I was last person on earth quitting, just loved it waaaay to much but the above mentioned things started to get worse after 10 years (family, money, job) and I had to do something.

I can say while quitting, Klonopin with immodium sealed the envelope on any anxiety, but SMALL amounts through out the day.

I had to put this in writing to HOPEFULLY help someone else because it saved my life, family, job and having money for family things etc.

The feeling of FREE of RX's is Way-Way-Way better then anything. My childhood stunk, that was my reason of taking them, that's my thinking. But you have to think "Why am I taking these?" Sort stuff out and set goals with the immodium

All that stuff about imoddium clogging you up.. BS not true a bit. Maybe 1-2 days out of 3 weeks I took them, who cares, nothing happened to my body.



es355gibson, thank you for taking time to come back to report. Most people disappear once their clean, which is understandable because they don't think about it any more.

It helps me so much after being clean for one month to hear a success story. This is the longest for me and still know I'm done with the poison (that's what I think of it now). I learned this week what PAWS is and just added more imodium to get through it. I'm not going to let this back in my life.

Thanks again for coming back. It gives people like me a reason to stay with it and gives hope. Check in anytime. This is my only support system I have a I am doing it on my own and the family I confided in don't understand how it should take more than one week.

Congratulations on your one yr anniversary!