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I want to know about organic food, organic tea, recipes etc. Can you suggest me something that would solve my query? Also let me know from where I buy these?
Any tips or suggestions would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!


I don't know what specific information you would like, but if you want to know all about organic food and what and how to buy, I suggest you read the book "Buying Organic," by Luddene Perry and Dan Schultz. It's a fabulous how-to guide on organics.

You should be able to find organic food at any organic or health food store in your area. Some common stores are Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Good Earth and (though they now seem to be steering from organics) Trader Joe's. You can also look them up in your area. Grocery store chains also typically carry some organic food in their stores.

As for organic tea, if you go to any health food store, there should be a plethora. Many people recommend buying fair trade tea nowadays. To find this, look for the Fair Trade seal on the box.

I hope this is the information you were looking for!