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Hello every one,

I started running a couple weeks ago (1.5-2 miles a day) and decided that i want to start training for a half marathon or a 10k, and the shoes that ive got are pretty old and don't fit very well.

I think i want something light-weight and that 'forms' to my foot

(something like this or ...but i really dont have a clue)

I don't like the idea of running in a bulky, cushy, cross country training shoe very appealing... i want to run with my feet, if that makes sense..

Can some one guide me to a brand/style/design of shoe that will be good for everyday running, light weight-ish, and not bulky. (flats, unless that is a horribly horrific idea)

and anything ells i should know, would also be appreciated



18 year old male, pretty tall and pretty skinny.


If you are new to running and don't know much about the type of shoe you should be wearing, I would highly suggest you find a running store in your area. I don't mean Footlocker, penis's Sports, or any 'warehouse' stores...I mean a store that specializes in running shoes and apparel. These guys will know what type of shoe will be best for your foot type and can help with factoring in as many of your wishes and wants as possible. If your store is really good (my local store does this) they will let you take the shoes for a few runs after you buy them - if you don't like them you can return them for a full refund and try another pair!

Hope this helps...without seeing how you run and your foot type, it's pretty tough to recommend a brand or shoe type!


Yea that's what i ended up doing, found this awesome little shop in my city's uptown area.