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Hello. I went to the dog show today. It was really amazing, because a lot of us could exchange experiences about our pets. Ouu, and I and my dog Jerry won at this show :)

After the ceremony we were talking about raw food, how this is actually a great choice.

So, it would be really nice for us to exchange some tasty raw dog food recipes that are easy to make. Sometimes, I really don’t have a time to prepare some complicated food for my pet, so this can be really good thing – share some tasty raw recipes that we can make really easy.

Tnx a lot! 


Hello  It can be annoying sometimes, but I have to admit that I prepare more food for my dog than I do for me and my boyfriend. I just can’t help it. I really do have a lot of recipes, that are easy to make. How about this one? Peanut butter cookies – you can make a lot of them, because I do know that a lot of dogs just love peanut butter. The most important thing, it is really healthy. You will need :- Two cups of white flour,- One cup of rolled oats,- Half of cup of smooth peanut butter,- One tablespoon of honey,- Half of tablespoon of fish oil and- One cup of water.Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Mix the flour and oats into large bowl. Pour in one cup of water, and bend it until smooth. After, add the peanut butter, honey and fish oil. Mix it until all ingredients are well blended. Later, add water until the mixture has a thick consistency. Put some flour on cooking surface. Roll the dough onto the cooking surface and create your cookies. Bake it for 40 minutes.



Here is one simple recipe. Dogs love it. My aunt has three dogs and she prepares this recipe on a regular basis. They love it. Here are the directions:  

  Take one large bowl, and crush 18 cooled hard boiled eggs (and shells) into small pieces. 

 Now what you need to do is to add 15 cups of cooled cooked white rice 

 You will need to add 8oz. of LickOchops omega fatty acid Supplement 

And also add 10 lbs of raw ground beef. 

Mix it all well. You can use your hands or a large spoon until everything is combined.  That would be all.




This will feed 2 to 3 adult, large dogs for 7 to 10 days.



40 lbs of chicken neck without skins, 10 lbs of chicken hearts, 5-10 lbs of organic chicken livers and2 cans of pink salmon (optional).


2-5 lbs carrots,   1/2 a bunch of red cabbage, 1 beet,  2 apples and 1/2 a bunch of spinach or other dark greens. 

You can also add 1 cup of raw pumpkin seeds. 

That is all. Mix it all well and keep it in the refrigerator. 

If you want you may add eggs, dried parsley, dried oregano, extra virgin olive oil… but that’s optional.



Homemade dog food is something the best you can offer your dog. I can guarantee this. I am glad because there are a lot of people who are making this food as well. For example, my dog loves a meat – a lot. Very often, I offer him raw meat mix, and you need only 10 minutes to prepare it. It can’t be easier than it is. You need one lb of raw grounded meat, two cups of ground vegetables, three oz of raw organ meat – such as liver, gizzards, two cloves of garlic, half cup of plain yogurt, three eggs with shells. Mix all ingredients and store it into a freezer. 



How about this one? Buffaloaf – true, it takes more time to prepare it, about one hour, but it is totally good for your dog. For this recipe, you will need three cups of ground lean buffalo, two eggs and one cup of fashioned oats. This is the procedure: three quarter’s of a cup grated mixed vegetables, including broccoli, carrots, sweet potato. You will need half cup of cottage cheese as well. Now, preheat oven to 250 degrees, and hand mix all ingredients and press them into a loaf pan. You should bake this for 40 minutes. You can put it into a fridge and serve it a couple of times. You can also use turkey, chicken or beef, but you should know that you should not mix meats never.



This is a good one, my dog’s favorite. It’s a recipe for - Chicken, Liver and Vegetable Medley. 

Ingredients needed: 

Chicken - 2 ½ ounce, 

Liver - 1 ounce, 

Sterilized, food grade bone meal - 3/8 ounce, 

Corn oil – half teaspoon, 

Sliced carrots - half cup, 

Brussels sprouts - half cup and

A pinch of garlic. 

Directions: Wash meat and vegetables well. Cut them into small pieces. Cut every brussels sprout in half. Cut the chicken and liver too into small pieces. Mix all of this in a bowl and add oil and garlic. 

That’s all. Now let your dog enjoy this meal.



My boyfriend told me to share this recipe with you. It is something that his dog really likes :)

So, here we go. Dogs love chicken and it is easy to make almost every recipe that contains chicken :) You need:

  • 5 pounds of chicken (hearth, neck eat, liver),
  • Two cups of red cabbage,
  • Two skinned apples,
  • Two cups of spinach,
  • Four whole eggs,
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil.

Make sure that you are buying fresh ingredients at grocery store. Mix this, and put it in the fridge. Great thing is that this is really easy to make and you can feed your dog for five days with this meal :)



Throw your dog a bone so he or she can chew on it. That is the best raw recipe for them. :)

Joke on the side, here is something one my dogs adores: raw chicken mixed with hard boiled eggs and cooled cooked white rice. You can add omega-3 fatty acids supplement if you like (I highly recommend you to do so). Keep in mind that dogs can not digest raw rice and raw eggs, so don’t make that mistake.

I always make to last him  for several days, so keep the rest in freezer (the best way to keep it is to put it in the tupperware containers).



Hi guys.

When I got my corgi, one of the first recommendations was to feed him raw (when he grows, of course). They told me that raw diet can reduce inflammation, alleviate allergy issues, provide healthier gums, eliminate smelly stool and reduce amount of it, so I listened to them.

The best recipes we found online were mixture of meat, veggies and rice as follows:

  • 5 pounds of beef brisket
  • Pound of sweet potatoes
  • 2 cups of brown rice
  • Pound of carrots
  • Celery (on will)
  • One and a half can of green beans

You will have enough food for over the month.