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well i am 19 years old and i can only seem to orgasm when i am doing it myself at night
this gets extremely frustration because i feel like my body is doing something wrong
it feels good when me and my boyfriend have intercourse but he seems to full fil himself and i dont =[
i lost my virginity when i was 14 and since i have not had 1 orgasm through sex can anyone tell me why this is or help me out

thanks muchly


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I think there many women who do not achieve orgasms through vaginal sex or without a lot of difficulty anyway.

My wife was never able to, so I had to do it orally and using my fingers on her clit while I was inside her. It just took practice to get everything right so we both got pleasure at the same time.

There's nothing wrong with you, you just need to work it out for a happy ending. :-D


I had the same problem. For the longest time I would have to fake my orgasms to get the guy off me because I just simply could NOT orgasm with intercourse. Most times I would cum from something like "dry humping" or constant stimulation of my clit. But the guy that I am currently with has made me cum during intercourse. I think it was because I was consentrating SUPER hard on orgasming. I use to think there was something wrong with me, and had planned on talking to my doctor, but it really honestly could be the person isn't "rubbing" you the right way. Try other things. Make him go down on you or something. With me it was thinking that I could never tell my boyfriend. Like, I find it a huge turn on when they call me a dirty b***h while we do it...personal preference (of course if he called me that outside the bedroom, I'd deck him lol).