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I am able to have clitoral orgasms when I stimulate myself but when my boyfriend rubs my clit or if we have sex I can't have an orgasm, we've been having sex for about a year and I haven't had a single orgasm with him. I've tried to show him what I do but it still doesn't work. We are really in love and he's had orgasms but I haven't, I've faked a lot of them to make him feel a bit happier but I feel bad about it. :( I want him to be able to give me the pleasure I give him because it would make him happier too. Please tell me what to do.. I really need help :'(


I would suggest you have him try performing oral sex on you. Have him lick and suck your clit, also lick along the inside of your labia (the full length of your vagina). I believe the feeling of his warm moist tongue on your clit will do the job.

Good luck, just lay back, relax and enjoy.