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 I am an uncircumsized male, and my penis head is so sensative that receiving oral sex winds up being too intense for me to endure very long. Is this unusual? Would refraining from pealing back my foreskin reslove this problem? Have any other men had this problem and over come it?


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Yes!!! Mine was very sensitive just like you describe.

It's normal for the glans to be very sensitive to the touch because it's been covered all it's life. You need to touch it to get it used to being touched.

Here's what I did for that problem.

I was tired of it being so sensitive and I figured since guys who are circumcised don't seem to be sensitive to having the glans touched, it must simply be a matter of getting it accustomed to being touched.

With my foreskin pulled back the glans was sticky which caused more pain when being touched so I had to get it really clean and dry. I did that by cleaning it using cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol. The alcohol feels really cold at first, then it gets warm and tingly but not unbearable. When it was dry, my fingers were able to glide over it without any undue pulling so now it was just a matter of touching/rubbing it all over, to get it used to being touched.

It simply takes time and persistence. It's not painful because you have control over how much and how hard you touch it. When you've had all you can stand, stop and wait a bit or put it away and come back to it later. The more often you do it, the sooner you get results. For me that was not a problem because I always got an erection from touching the glans which led to masturbation which made me want to do this quite often. It might be a lot more fun if your girl wants to assist you.

By doing it this way I began to masturbate by dry rubbing with my foreskin pulled all the way back. Since then I have always done it by dry rubbing the bare glans.

It has been the best of both worlds for me for over 40 years, being able to have a glans that can be touched and rubbed without pain and yet still have some sensitivity for the pleasure of it.

There's nothing to be afraid of, you have control over how much it gets rubbed or touched so get to it and tell us how it works out. I know you can do it ----- I did.