Hi, I'm an african american female who has very sensitive skin. I have keratosis pilaris all over my legs and thighs; or at least that's what it seems like.

If I shave, the hair is gone, but the rough, visible hair follicles are still present! My skin is not silky smooth. I've tried exfoliating, but that doesn't work for me. I exfoliate every time I take a shower the problem is still there.

I have this problem with visible hair follicles all over! On my legs, my arms, my fingers!

I hate it. Especially on my fingers. The part of your finger just above the knuckles could have just been shaved but those dark follicles still remain. It's embarrassing.

I haven't worn shorts, capri's, or dresses in YEARS because of this problem.

And you can forget about the beach! Haven't been there in the same amount of time.

In scorching 90 degree weather I still resort to my jeans because of the embarrassment.

I see my friends walking around with smooth flawless skin, and then there's me.

Is there any solution? Please help.