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I was diagnosed with primary biliary cirrhosis in 2011, however I have only recently started to suffer from almost unbearable shoulder pain that radiates toward my right arm. My neck and the arm get so stiff, and I’ve noticed that lymph nodes also swell on that side, and I’m wondering is this common symptom of PBC? I’m already on Naproxen for the pains in my legs, so it wouldn’t surprise me that my shoulder and arm pain is just another symptom, too, but the problem is Naproxen isn’t helping with shoulder pain at all. I’m waiting to hear from my doctor, and any advice is very welcome,



Hi Mick. I know this post was over a year ago, But did you ever manage to get some relief for your shoulder. I have PBC and I've been in agony with shoulder pain. I work full time and It's started to worry me as its restricting me in many ways now.