My partner, two years ago, after having swine flu, started getting really bad pains in his right handside, just under his rib cage.

He has every test going, and they still can't find out whats wrong with him.

He's had MRI, two cat scans, endoscopy both ends, stomach emptying tests, biosalt absorbtion tests, liver function tests, platlett counts.

He starts off in the morning fine, breakfast o.k., lunch ( which is small) wind starts, by 5pm much worse, very bad wind and pain.

Very limited diet, no diary, little wheat, fat,  sugar, no alchol, caffine. 

Very tired by lunch-time, and is very ill if he has fat and sugar.

Also gets very ill if he does much work, ie bending down, lifting, and tractor driving kills him, as he's bouncing around.

His life is a misery as he cannot go out in the evening, or socialise, as he get putrid wind.

Surely there is someone else out there that has this?