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I've had some painful bumps on my vulva since Wednesday, and I'm pretty convinced that it's vaginal thrush, but obviously there are many other possibilities of what this could be. Since I discovered them I've made an appointment with Planned Parenthood to get a PAP exam done on Tuesday.

I'm posting here to see what kind of results I should prepare myself for.
Here are the facts:

I currently have a Candida skin infection. It's a red rash on my skin that I've been battling with for a few years now. Candida is something my mom seriously struggles with as well and has had many yeast infections because of it. It's been about 4 years since I have a yeast infection and it cleared up right away.

I have several red bumps on my outer and inner labia, but I've had no clitoris or vaginal discomfort. A few of them have a white head when I look down at them, but the head is not noticeable when I used a mirror to examine them. I noticed one on my inner labia close to my vagina leak a white fluid, much like pimples on the face. I wiped it up promptly.

I have thick white discharge.

A distinctive, different odor then what I usually have, but it's not terribly offensive.

It's EXCRUCIATING when I urinate and it passes over the bumps on my inner labia. It finally brought me to tears today.

I have NO flu-like symptoms (typical with an initial herpes outbreak).

I've been cramping so I know my period is going to be starting soon.

I started having sex with my boyfriend of about a month and a half, we have unprotected sex because I have an IUD. It's been 2 years since his last sexual partner before me, and it's been about 5 months since my last sexual contact before him (It was also unprotected, but the guy had only slept with one other girl and that was at least a year prior to our contact, and I'm 90% sure that they used condoms because she wasn't on birth control).

I've tried looking at my vulva with a mirror and it's not distinctively red, but it is extremely sensitive.

I've become afraid to use the bathroom because it's such a terribly painful experience at this point.

I've increased my intake of probiotics by buying plain nonfat yogurt with acidophilus, I even tried spreading it over my vulva which only gave me temporary relief. I've also tried spreading coconut oil over the affected areas and it also provides temporary relief.

My initial symptoms were classic of a yeast infection, vaginal dryness, thick white discharge, general discomfort. The next day I bought a 3 day Walmart brand of Miconazole cream. It really didn't do anything at all.

The last couple days none of the pimples have busted, and I'm afraid to try messing with them for fear of creating an even further infection. My pubic hair is a little less then an inch long and its definitely irritating them.

Tomorrow it will have been a week since I first noticed what I thought was the yeast infection. None of the vulva "pimples" have busted to form ulcers, blisters, or scabs.

The last pap I had came back with results of Bacterial Vaginosis. This pap was at the very end of September of 2009, which is when I had the IUD inserted. I had no other ailments, afflictions, or STDs at that point.

Like I said, I really think that I have a chronic case of vaginal thrush. I have had oral thrush in the last year, and the candidiasis skin infection has been haunting me for a long while. I don't have medical insurance, so I'm not sure if the Candida has progressed into Diabetes.

Sorry for the mile long post, this is just something that is seriously affecting my life right now. I don't want to move around much, and I'm terrified of bathroom trips.

Please tell me what you think, ask any questions, etc.


it  might have come back