It’s been 24hours since I had my bunion corrected and let me tell ya I am not sure how well I am going to handle the duration of pain that I have heard a few of you talk about. I give major props to those that have said they have had minimal problems or pain.
So I know you all have discussed the pain level but I would like to know how you tell if anything is wrong with the amount of pain that comes along? Its feels as though my foot as swollen to the max and when I tried to check the coloring of my toes I noticed that there was blood just under the first layer of wraps.
When I got home of course I was able to bare weight on it. Enough to go from car to house, get drinks and go potty. Now it hurts to even move my foot when it is elevated and ice applied….painful painful painful
p.s. I did call the Doctor before I posted this and he told me to cut the bandage on the opposite to release some of the pressure and is calling in a different pain med that might help me better and make me less sick.
Thank-you for listening and being here to maybe help me!!!!