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I had my bunions surgery four months ago on my R. foot. I did everything the doctor recommended me. He told me I could resume my activities as soon as I wanted to. I went back to work six weeks after the surgery even though I could still see redness and feel pain. I could not do too much walking and it is been like that since then. There were days at work that I could barely walk. Now I had to take time off to continue in my recovery. The doctor recently inyected me with something that numbed the pain for some days, and he does not give me any clue about when I would be feeling better. The only thing that works is not walking at all. I am also going for physical therapy but my therapists says I won't have any long term benefit if I still have the screws inside and he urges me to ask him if he will take them out. I would like some insight about what to do? Thank you guys for sharing any thoughts.




I was so glad to read your post. I'm 5 months out from my bunion + 2nd toe shortened surgery and am still having major discomfort. Mostly I have a huge tight feeling across my big toe and 2nd toe, like a really tight band. I'm currently taking anti inflammatories (NSAID) and I've been back several times because of the problem. I have 3 pins, no plates. Last time I was in (last week) he told me it just takes some people along time to heal...I've been exrayed 3 different times and all seems to be ok and in place... I did PT for several weeks but the doctor said it could be too much for the healing process - he told me just to walk, no treadmill, just walk the mall or around a track...someplace flat. He PROMISED me this would heal properly over time. Hope this helps! I was glad to hear someone else is still healing after 4 months.