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people don't get cancer and die from smoking.
people eat sh*t, drink sh*t, get cancer and die.
centuries ago people used tobacco smoking for prayer and getting to a higher consciousness.
therefore. the government does not want us to get any smarter or be in touch with other worlds.
therefore. they are all liars, thieves and are all products of incest. I HATE THEM ALL!
i state my point.



be in touch with other worlds.

You are certainly living in another world if you actually believe half of the stuff you say. Just stay in your own little world of perverse thought process and hatred. I really don't think anyone will notice or care much that you are missing from the world that is reality.

Assuming that your views never change, you will be living in a world of irony as you waste away on your deathbed with some sort(s) of cancer.... That is unless a stroke, heart attack, or anneurism doesn't kill you first.